How to use Numbers in art explained ..Diophantine Equations ..Balmer lines ..its all here .

Numbers 101 is intended to be a collection of mayjs ideas by Mike Burr for use in enhancing artwork.

Art and numbers

Mikes Crap Ideas ...introduction

About 20 years ago I began using number theory to structure pictures. Some of the ideas using Ranks of numbers, continued fractions etc were sketched out in the following. Trying New Ideas

I recently found some of the programs [between 10 and 20 years old] and decided to document and enhance them - I'm going to try and rewrite them in Ruby and load them onto the web so that you can use them - but in the meantime here are a collection of nerdy bits relating to the maths and a load of files of numbers !!! and the bit below will have links to them .... eventually ... Continued fractions; .. then i had one of those blinding insights that is still vey difficult to fathom whereby i realised i could use the continued fraction type program to produce approximations to logarithms .. The first program approximated from above - could use any number base rational or otherwise and more surprisingly pretty much worked first time [Dave Thomas are you reading this ??] approximate logarithms; ..


Original concept was to try and formularise the structure of the paintings - which since they were then made as prints would have a better opportunity of making the artist wealthy - and hopefully a little more cultured as well as allowing him more time to devote to personal hygiene [something he is sadly unaware of in my humble opinion ] Needless to say your favourite Numbrartist found that the structures probably made f/all difference to his financial opportunity ... but i dont think it stopped either Leonardo, Rembrant or a host of others trying the same sort of schemes ..

incidentally the paintings are probably more fully explained in the portraits section where i deliberately set out to example a few of the ideas ... just click on the pictures if they come up with the wrong thing thats because they have no detailed info and use the nearest completed image data [understand ????- im not sure that i do either !!!]

2009 image here

2008 image here