table of contents

A chronological sequence listing the
catastrophes of your bungling author
in his futile journey through the
darker realms of maths to find the
perfect compositional structure
[ read : money earning ] for his
paintings What the author tried

Ranks of numbers is a powerfull bit of logic
for determining the likelihood of finding
solutions to complex equations
- don't be fooled by its apparant simplicity
Ranks of numbers

Continued fractions is a simplistic guide
to computing contnued fractions first hand ..
but this also includes approximation
from below (standard)
and above (not seen elsewhere) as well as
a rapid approximation using the nearest
fractional part(also not seen elsewhere)
Continued Fractions
.. below is a table of the first hundred upper
and lower form continued fractions
plus their equivalent Pell solutions
This can be downloaded in the form of a small
pdf document by clicking on the link below
Continued Fraction Table

Shape matching is an outline of the suite
of programs built by your author to extract
shapes from data
- probably nothing new here
Shape matching analysis