What you're likely to find inside


Don't worry if you don't know anything about maths and painting
Mike patently doesn't either and since he's got a maths age of about 5
even kids can understand his dopey ideas ...
Mikes crap number theory bits
{the old link is here - but its missing bits Mikes numbart [old link]
} Its use in paintings - shortly i hope to put some of the programs on the web so you can use them to structure your pictures ... !
Here are some simple maths bits to help you understand a few fundamentals about division
and a bit about maths and logic called Ranks of numbers ..also replicated in the
painting bit above

Heavy Metal - well engineering bits that fill Mikes garage
1) smart and brown model a mk 1 Smart and Brown Model A Mk 1;
2) Richmond No 1 Universal Mill Richmond No 1 Universal Mill;
3) Brown and Sharpe Surface Grinder No 2 Brown and Sharpe Surface Grinder No 2;

How they laughed when they read Mike's DCP programming guidelines
Mikes rubbish programming guidelines .. an outline

Well if you liked Mikes secret files when they were nearly secret you'll like them even
more now because there are more of them
First he was barred from lots of pubs .. now he's bard in lots of pubs
Mike poems ( are you serious !!!)[same link as front page]

Well if you liked Mikes other offerings you'll love his musick - especially if you have a
wealthy maiden aunt whose left you a fortune - just play her this !!! - death or deafness virtually
guaranteed - you wont be disappointed - ps dont forget to wear "Mike's patented ear mittens" yourself
The Verrie Best of Mike Burr[same link as front page]
[Dedicated to the [unfortunate] lingering memory of Ken Guiney and David Thomas ]